EPISODE 11 – NESTING:  An innovative way to keep your children from having to go back and forth with visitation.

Nesting isn’t for everyone, but it’s a concept that we need to explore more and try to figure out ways to make it work. Parents don’t always get along hence they divorce, but that’s not the children’s fault. Why do they have to pack up every other weekend to go visit mom or dad? Why do they have to have their life disrupted because their parents couldn’t figure things out.

Could this be one of the reasons why we have so many issues with millennials today. Parents are over compensating for the divorce. It’s complicated, and there isn’t one right or wrong answer, but the parenting issue needs to be at the top of the divorce discussion.

Our guest, Cheri Morris, is a divorce coach with Dear Divorce Coach. She’s an attorney who pivoted her career into coaching, based on her own divorce. Nesting is one of the areas she explores with couples as they divorce.


The first time you get divorced, there are a lot of questions, a lot of overwhelm. How you handle it is somewhat influenced by who is initiating the divorce. If it’s you, the emotions might be very different than if it is your spouse who wants the marriage to end.


It’s a process, with phases that many of us go through. We can’t see them when we are in the middle of it, but others on the outside that work with divorcing people will tell you that they see many of the same patterns. A coach can help you through this and keep things in check. At the end of the conversation we talk about the difference between a therapist and a divorce coach. 

Hiring a divorce coach is an added expense to the divorce process, but it can be one that brings a lot of value to the end results as well. It could also save you a lot of money by staying out of court through some practical negotiating strategies.

If you are going through a divorce and have children, get them into therapy right away. You might be ok with the divorce, but they need help processing what is going on! Please don’t ignore this important piece, no matter what their age. It’s particularly important for teens and early twenty somethings. 

That should be something you do before you start processing the paperwork with an attorney!


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The most important thing to remember is that Debbie is not an attorney, financial advisor or a therapist. If you are going through difficult times and feel you need help, please reach out to someone, either a friend, family member or a professional and get support. You’ll find some resources on the resources page of the website and encourage you to check there or reach out to your friends and family for referrals. Your life matters and getting help is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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Cherie Morris is a divorce coach working with individuals and couples. She practices as a parent coordinator and using her legal training to approach issues with logic and reason. Nesting is one of the areas she explores with her clients. Learn more about Cheri here or connect with her:


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Debbie is an insurance agent with an extensive business and marketing background. Her focus is helping insurance professionals be more successful. She is the co-author of Renewable Referrals and hosts two other podcasts The Business of Insurance, Business in Real Life and coming soon, Seniors We Love, Single and over Sixty. Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

The Divorce Exposed podcast is a labor of love project for Debbie. Growing up, all of her parents married 3 times and now divorced twice herself, she brings a unique perspective to divorce. She is also passionate about taking care of children during divorce and feels nesting is something that should be explored by more parents.


Debbie is an insurance agent. While she can’t talk to you about specific financial investments, she can provide you with information or introduce you to someone that can answer your questions that you can trust. Part of going through a divorce is reviewing your insurance coverages. Insurance is is frequently overlooked because the focus is on other issues like alimony, child custody or where you will live.

Make sure you have everything issued properly, before, during and after the divorce process. If you would like some assistance in this area, either just to brainstorm an idea or have your policies reviewed. Reach out to Debbie as she has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years. If she can’t help you, she will put you in touch with someone that you can trust.