Celebrating Ex Spouse Day

Celebrating Ex Spouse Day


Today I’m bringing you a brief but special episode because today is National Ex Spouse Day. Yes, it’s an actual day…and it’s April 14th

If your marriage didn’t work out….you’ve got an X – the question is do you celebrate them or do you loathe them?

Not all are good, not all are bad.  I’ve seen some great ex spouses, and I’ve seen some terrible ones.  I unfortunately got stuck with two bad ones, but we’ll focus on the positives.

What makes a good ex?  I’ve got five ideas for you to consider.

  • Someone that you can stay friends with or at least friendly with 
  • Someone you can be civil with
  • Someone who helps and encourages you 
  • Someone who helps out with the children
  • Someone who isn’t jealous when they get into another relationship

Hopefully we can all aspire to being a great ex spouse,  letting go of our hurt, anger and pain and moving on.  Remember, there is a reason we fell in love enough to get married in the first place.  Focus on that and you might find a reason to celebrate your ex!

Until next time – keep focusing on the positives!

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