Bracing For Divorce – A Conversation With Anita Washington

Most of the time, making the decision to end a marriage, or a long term relationship, can be extremely emotional. It’s personal, it’s private and life changing. The emotional impact differs with everyone and how it shapes our future is unknown.

In February of 2018, I was invited by Anita Washington of to talk about bracing for divorce. We quickly start talking about my childhood years. Growing up, each of my parents married 3 times and there were  struggles around each marriage.

Being what I call ‘a product of divorce’ I have seen it all and felt it all as well.  As a child, I could have felt sorry for myself and lived the pity party life but instead, I chose to embrace life and discover what it had to offer.

If you listened to episode 1 of the Divorce Exposed podcast, you’ll get an overview of why this topic resonates with me so much. During my conversation with Anita, I bring more insight to the forefront of what happened in my marriage, which I’m sure many women who have gone through divorce can relate to.

The purpose of the interview was to share 3 tips to brace for divorce, but you’ll find many more nuggets in the conversation that go beyond these three tips.

Here’s the overall concept of what we discussed:

  • Put the children first
  • Create contracts
  • Understand the finances

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Bracing For Divorce

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Bracing For Divorce Anita Washington


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