Divorce exposed is a podcast that will provide real life insights for a successful marriage and inspiration for surviving divorce. We’ll be talking about issues that most people aren’t talking about when it comes to divorce. Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t about exposing someone about having an affair or encouraging anyone to consider divorce.  But if the big D word enters the picture, we hope to give you inspiration to survive the divorce process.

At the same time, you’ll find ideas about staying married, a few ideas to consider before you get married and we’ll also talk about what happens after the divorce.  Your hosts have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.  When you read our story below, you’ll not only learn more about who we are, but you’ll gain different perspectives on why these conversations are so important.

Debbie DeChambeau

FB_IMG_1441397179485-1As someone that has lived the life of divorce, my life experiences are different than most.  I describe myself as a ‘product of divorce‘.  Each of my parents have been married at least 3 times and I myself have been divorced twice.  I’ve experienced a lot of situations, some great, some not so great.  This isn’t about calling anyone out for something they’ve done, but inspiration to avoid bad situations, if at all possible.

Episode 1 is more of my story and I encourage you to listen to that episode at some point so that you understand my background and why this topic is so important to me.

My second divorce was final in 2011 and I must say I am having the time of my life.  It wasn’t easy to get to this place, there were many nights of tears, self pity and a little too much wine.  But that is behind me and one day, if the situation presents itself, maybe I’ll meet Mr. Right.  If not, I’m completely happy and know that I’ll be just fine.

One of the promises I made to myself after my second divorce was to really get to know me.  To be the person I wanted to be, not the person someone else wanted me to be.  For 50 years I had beenP1100555 a daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother but never Debbie.  Today, I am Debbie first, everything else second.  I get some flack for it every once in awhile, but in the end, I only need to answer to myself, and I do.  I’m doing something I never envisioned myself doing, I started running and I now do triathlons. This started at 55!

You’ll learn along the way that I care for a lot of people, I’m not selfish but I am me first and in all honesty, that hasn’t been an easy place to get to.  I haven’t done years of therapy, but I did get some counseling after my second divorce.  More about that later.  I’ve gotten to where I am on my own, and my hope is that wherever you are in your relationship, you are taking care of yourself.  You are the person that matters most.

I also want to emphasize that I am not a lawyer, financial advisor or therapist.  These are professionals you might need to help you through your divorce and I encourage you to reach out and ask for referrals if you feel you need help.  I’m just here to share ideas, for you to consider.  Check out our resource page for some suggestions or ask friends and family for assistance.

My goal here is to give you insights and inspirations.  Ideas that will help you save your marriage and concepts that you might be able to apply to a divorce situation.

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I’d love your feedback and welcome your stories.

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